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Standard Lawn Maintenance

Professional mowing services to meet your needs and budget

Our lawn mowing service is the core of our business and is what we do best. We use the best equipment that is gentle on your turf yet provides a beautiful manicured look every time. 

Our mowing service includes:

  • Mowing all Turf Areas

  • Edging along driveways and walkways

  • String trimming around house, fencelines, and obstacles.

  • Blowing debris off driveways and walkways.


This service is performed on a weekly basis for best results. However, we also offer intermittent service for those who need temporary upkeep. This is a good choice for those who travel often but enjoy mowing their own yard from time to time.


We also do not charge extra if you would like to have the lawn clippings bagged and removed from your property. We have an eye for detail and strive to keep your yard looking its best. We are set up to handle any yard from small to large and our expertise and efficiency allow us to provide you with a mowing service that will comfortably fit your budget.

Core Aeration

Lawn Renovation/Overseeding

Core aeration is a valuable tool in maintaining a healthy lawn. The process of core aeration is simple but effective. Over time the soil in a yard becomes compacted. This makes it difficult for the root system of the turf to expand. A short root system leaves the turf very weak and unable to reech deep into the soil for nutrients.Core aeration removes thousands of small plugs from the yard. Core aeration is considerably more desirable to spike aeration which can actually increasecompaction.


The benefits of core aeration include:

  • Stronger root systems. A strong root system means a stronger yard that requires less maintenance.

  • Allows the root system more access to oxygen and other nutrients

  • Makes fertilization and watering more efficient

  • Helps to prevent thatch buildup


We recommend that most Wichita yards be aerated at least once a year. Although this service can be performed at any time it usually performed in early spring and early fall.


*Please note that aerating is a time consuming process. Please schedule this service early as we generally schedule this service on weekends to avoid interruptions in weekday services

If your yard has lost it's lushness and vibrance over the years we recommend considering our overseeding services.


Overseeding is the process of re-seeding or seeding over an existing lawn. Over time, weather and nature can cause a lawn to thin out and lose some of its vibrance. Overseeding is a great option to help return your lawn to its former glory.


Overseeding is generally done in the early spring or early fall, and is most effective in the Fall. We generally use a slice-seeder for best coverage however in some cases this may be combined or replaced with core aeration depending on terrain and budget. We use only the best seed that is free of weeds and is specifically engineered to grow well in our climate.


It is imperative to know before overseeding that proper watering is crucial once the seed is in the ground. The watering schedule can be time consuming for those without a programmable sprinkler system. Before overseeding we can discuss the watering schedule and we can recommend watering times and intervals for best results.

Lawn De-Thatching

Thatch is a small layer of organic material that sits above the soil of your turf at the base of your grass. A small layer of thatch is beneficial to your yard because it helps to retain moisture and insulate your turf from extreme temperatures and weather. 


However, over time and without proper preventative maintenance this thatch layer can become too thick and start to suffocate your yard which can cause yellowing and weak turf that tears easily. If this happens we recommend you have your yard de-thatched or simply "thatched".


Our thatching process uses powered equipment that pulls that dead thatch layer to the surface where it is then raked and vacuumed up and removed from the yard. This helps to open up the surface of the yard so that water and nutrients can more effectively reach the soil and the root system of your lawn.


*It is important to note that thatching a lawn is a stressfull process for your yard and should only be done in periods of active growth (generally late spring or early fall)

Leaf Cleanup

Late fall leaf cleanup can be a real chore. Please allow us to handle your leaf cleanup while you relax and enjoy the changing of the seasons.


We typically use two methods of leaf management. The first is a "keep up" approach where we continue to service your yard on a  weekly basis while the leaves continue to fall so that they do not accumulate and your yard continues to stay clean throught the leaf season.


The second method is a "all at once" approach where you wait for all the leaves to fall and have us clean everything up over the course of one or two larger services. 


With either method we will ensure that your flower beds, landscaping, and turf areas are cleared of leaves. Most of our customers choose to have us perform our "keep up" service as it keeps the yards looking neat longer and generally does not cost any more than the larger "all at once" cleanups.


Over time the mulch in your flower and landscape beds will fade and deteriorate. We can help you re-fresh those areas with new mulch. 


Mulch is available in many different colors including; black, brown, and red as well as natural colorings including cedar and cypress woods. We can even offer you the option to use alternative mulches such as cocoa shells and synthetic rubber mulch.


This is a quick and easy way to drastically brighten up the look of your landscaping and can be done at any time.

And More...

If you have a lawn care project that you do not see listed please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


We can also help you with your shrub trimming, debris removal, property cleanups, large area mowing, and more. 


We also have many contacts within the industry that can help provide you with more extensive landscaping/hardscaping, fertilization services, sprinkler services, home cleaning, holiday and landscape lighting, and landscape design.

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